(A Little Late) Spring Lifestyle Favourites!

I am a little late posting my spring favourites, but I had some great products I wanted to share regardless of the timing! The last few months have been a bit of a blur transitioning back to work and figuring out a new life balance with a one year old busy boy! That being said, this season of favourites are less beauty products and more home + lifestyle!

My first two favourite products from the last few months are of course, snacks. I heard about them on my morning news show (BT Toronto) and had to try this healthy version of gummy bears called Smart Sweets! They are a little more chewy than regular sugar loaded gummy bears, but they taste delicious and really do satisfy the sweet tooth! The bonus side is that they only have 2g of sugar and 24g of fibre!!! A great little treat, it is a little pricey at around $4 for a 50g package. I purchased mine at Bulk Barn. These gummies also come in “seriously sour” flavour too!


While at Bulk Barn, I also picked up this Hungry Buddah Coconut Jerky in Teriyaki flavour. The texture of the dried coconut is actually quite similar to beef jerky. It doesn’t have an overpowering flavour of coconut, but you can definitely taste the coconut. Don’t buy it is you are not a fan of coconut. I think this is another great healthy snack option for those willing to experiment! One 40g package will set you back $6, but I found it lasted a few servings as I didn’t eat it all at once (unlike the gummy bears that I devoured).

Transitioning from those nice-smelling tasty treats, my car got second-hand skunked this spring. By this I mean, the driver in the car ahead of me hit a skunk, and I hit it after…oops. My wonderful hubby cleaned my car the next day to get the smell out. Although we washed the outside, it has also absorbed inside too. He used this magical spray called Auto Glym Odour Eliminator and it worked like a charm! The skunk smell was out almost immediately and it smelled really fresh and clean. This product definitely earned the title of “his favourite” this spring (plus it’s made in Great Britain and mentions the Queen which makes you feel FANCY!). We picked our 500ml bottle up at Canadian Tire for $11.99. This is definitely a must have to keep on hand to eliminate any funky odours in the car! With a little one riding in the back seat spilling all sorts of food products, we are definitely going to get our money’s worth.

For baby’s favourite, we picked up the latest release of the Little Blue Truck collection. Little Blue Trucks Springtime is such an adorable story for little ones. In this new release, they have created a lift-a-flap story which has quickly become one of our favourite reads this spring! The flaps are really durable which makes it even better for little ones just learning how to navigate books. We picked our copy up online at Indigo for around $20.

I had a little splurge with some Optimum points this spring and picked up a new fragrance from one of my favourite lines: Lise Watier-Azur Vent du Sud Eau de Toilette. It is a very fresh beachy scent. You definitely smell the white tea and floral notes right off the bat, and it finishes off with a subtle feminine musk. This fragrance is definitely my go to scent right now especially as we are finally into the summer months. I picked this bottle up at Shoppers Drugmart. The 50ml bottle was around $72.

Next on the list is this Loreal Serie Expert SOS Smooth Prokeratin Leave in Smoothing Serum. I got this from my hair stylist, and it works wonders (especially for someone like me who is constantly damaging my hair with heat styling). I put some in my hair before I blow dry and before I straighten and it leaves my hair protected, soft and smooth. I picked up this bottle at my hair salon for $28.

At one of my last Home Sense adventures, I found this ah-mazing candle. It says the scent is Watermelon and Nectar, but in real life it smells like the pink starburst candies. To me that is heaven! I was only burning it select times to save it, but I managed to find another one at another Home Sense, so I of course am hoarding that one away. If you see this- buy it. You will not regret it.

Last but definitely not least, I went for a adult-only tour of the liquor store and found a number of new beverages to try (and yes- I went totally overboard). This Rose Wine Lemonade does not disappoint. It is refreshing but not too sweet. A perfect beverage for out on the patio and a great option to have stocked in the beer fridge for guests on a warm day. I believe these run around $3 a can.

I hope you enjoyed my spring product favourites. I already have a list going for my summer loves so far (spoiler: there may be a few more LCBO products)! I am planning a post in August to share the latest and greatest.

Let me know if you have any products you want me to try!

Enjoy the sunshine.

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