Summer Calendar Printable

If you are anything like me, you love to plan and organize. This is more important than ever for me now as I navigate life as a working mom. I took a little break from blogging as I recently returned back to work after maternity leave, but I am back better than ever and starting to make plans for summer 2018 (which I think is going to be pretty awesome)!

With the summer season right around the corner it is important to stay organized to balance work/daycare schedules, vacations, summer camps, weddings, local events and everything else in between. Although I am completely into the digital shared family calendar, I really like to have a visual of the whole summer on one page, especially when we are trying to plan out the entire summer.

RuralInsiderSummerPrintableCal8.5x11 copy

With that in mind, I wanted to share this free summer calendar printable designed by @halderdice to help you plan out your summer activities.



Artboard 1



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