You’ve Got Mail: Subscription Box Review

Don’t you love receiving mail? In this digital age, I find it even more exciting to actually receive a piece of mail. At least the online shopping world still keeps the mail business going strong! With the convenience of online shopping, I have developed a great friendship with our mail lady (shout out to Mail Lady Deb) and I have fully embraced the dangerous new niche of online shopping which is the Subscription Box trend.

For those who may not be familiar with subscription boxes, you can go online and sign up for different subscription boxes that get mailed to you monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly and the boxes contain all kinds of different goodies depending on what type of box you sign up for. You can sign up for yourself or even gift a subscription for someone else (which takes gift giving to another level)! There are so many types of subscription boxes out there. I hope to try to review a few more this year but I thought I would give a review of a few that I have tried; Fab Fit Fun, Bark Box and Her Growing Tribe subscription boxes so that you can see what you get with the boxes, how much they cost and my personal thoughts on value of the boxes.

Fab Fit Fun 

My husband gifted me the Fab Fit Fun Box last year and I absolutely love it. I was originally signed up for a seasonal subscription which gives you four boxes a year (one per season) and you are charged for each single box $49.99 USD (four separate times a year).As much as I loved the seasonal subscription, you don’t get to choose your own colours for makeup, apparel etc. and that can be really disappointing if you get something in a colour or style that you won’t really wear. I ended up upgrading to the annual membership which gives you the same amount of boxes except for the fact that you pay for a whole year up front $179.99 USD (which actually saves you $20 USD over the year) and the most important part is that you get to customize your box. Other perks of the annual membership are that your box ships earlier than the seasonal subscriptions and that you also get early access to their seasonal add ons which essentially means you get to access the special online shop where you can buy brand name items for fractions of the cost! I bought this hair straightener in the winter add ons sale valued at $179 for only $19!

The content of the boxes vary and are seasonally themed. You always receive a mix of beauty products (eyeshadow, lip colour, bronzers), skin care (face masks, creams, cleansers, sunscreen), apparel (scarves, socks, hats, ponchos, beach wraps) and usually a piece of jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces). There are always a mix of other fun items such as mugs, water bottles, workout accessories, hair treatments and nail polish just to name a few.

This was my winter 2017 Fab Fit Fun box haul! With the annual membership, I was able to customize the colour of my poncho (from three options), my eyeshadow colour palette (from two options), the necklace colour (silver or rosegold), choice of wellness item (pillow spray or fitness ball) and choice of beauty item (eye masks or hair mask). You also have the option of paying a few extra dollars to purchase both wellness and beauty items.


I love the Fab Fit fun product choices and the best thing is that they are FULL SIZE! Each box is valued at over $200 in product. Last month the box included the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate which values at $75 on its own. The total value of my winter box was $404!

I have found some great new favourite products through this subscription box and will be keeping up this subscription for sure! If you are interested in subscribing, use this link for $15 off your first box!

Bark Box

I’m pretty sure every time Mail Lady Deb shows up to the house, our dog is praying to the dog gods that his Bark Box is getting delivered. For $20-25 USD per month (and free shipping!) this is a great subscription box especially for those of us dog moms who love to spoil their pup! You are able to specify the size of dog you have and the plan you want (one month, six months or 12 months).

In each box you get two toys (specific to your size of dog), two packages of all natural treats and one chew treat. Each month has a theme and the toys and treats are specially made to go with it. The themes are so clever and adorable and the toys are actually pretty decent quality. You also have the option of paying extra each month for one extra durable toy (in addition to the normal box) if you have a pup that is rough on toys!

The pictures shown here are from our November and December subscription boxes.

I will say that Bark Box has by far the best customer service I have ever experienced. I used their online chat feature and it is quick and they are very, very helpful. You can also chat to them about specific customization for your pup. They can even do all toy boxes if your dog doesn’t like treats.

If you would like to subscribe, use this link to get your first Bark Box FREE!

Her Growing Tribe

Lastly, I found out about the Her Growing Tribe subscription box through Instagram. This is a monthly subscription box for expecting moms or new moms. You can sign up for a three, six or nine month subscription. You specify the age of your baby or due date and they customize a few items in the box more specific to you and your baby.

I think this box is best for expecting mamas to enjoy leading up to birth and even into the first few months of new motherhood. The box items are really cute and have a lot of handmade specialty items that you can find on some Etsy shops. The downside is the price especially with the exchange rate. The price per box is $38.50 USD plus $12.95 shipping.

My January subscription box is pictured below. The box contained a tumbler that says “momlife”, a beanie that says “mama”, a bracelet and some handmade soap. In a previous box I received a cute coffee mug, face mask, keychain, handmade soap and a chew bead toy for baby.

Personally, this is a one time subscription for me and I think I would have preferred to receive it while I was at the end of my pregnancy and end it a couple of months after baby arrived. I think this makes a really cute gift for an expecting or new mom if you are willing to pay the exchange and shipping.  Watch their Instagram for promo codes to save on subscriptions as they quite often offer 20% off codes. You can click this link if you want to learn more about Her Growing Tribe. If anyone knows of a Canadian company that does something similar to this box, let me know as I love the idea of the box, but not so much the cost for Canadians.

I love the idea of monthly or seasonal goodies delivered right to your door with some great new products to try out. I find the boxes always show up on the days where you just need a little pick me up. There are a lot of American subscription boxes that can be pretty pricey with the currency exchange and international shipping, so I would love to hear about some Canadian subscription boxes to try! I’ve got a few new ones coming in the mail over the next couple months but please leave your suggestions in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail: Subscription Box Review

  1. Have you tried the hellofresh boxes!? Just ordered our first one and we loved it! So fun. I’ll definitely be ordering again. May have to try the fab fit fun one as well…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely try the Fab Fit Fun box! You will not be disappointed. I have heard of Hello Fresh but have not tried it. We get a local version called Frozen and Fabulous (check her out on Facebook and Instagram) and we love the meals!


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