Deck the Halls – Christmas Decor 2017

Christmas is coming! It really is one of the most magical times of the year and one of the best times to decorate and shop! It can also be one of the most expensive times of the year especially when you include the expense of gift giving, outfits for Christmas parties, hosting get togethers and decorating your home for the holidays.

I love decorating- especially for the holidays! I have big long-term goals including having gingerbread house inspired outdoor decorations and full Christmas decor in every room of the house. These things will take time, and we are slowing picking out the perfect pieces each year to add to our collection (this will be our third Christmas in our current house). I thought I would share some pieces of my holiday decor this year with a few new pieces and some old favourites.


This Pottery Barn Santa is so beautiful looking and extra sparkly! I purchased him a few years ago at a Pottery Barn in the Sherway Gardens mall (one of my favourite malls). I believe his original price was around $60 but everything in the store was 40% off so I could not resist!


This framed Santa print I received as a birthday gift this year. I absolutely love him! It is quite a large piece, but with the size of the wall, it doesn’t seem so big. He is right at our entranceway and makes for the perfect Christmas greeting. Something about this print just feels so magical…

trio treeIMG_2539

I have to be honest about this trio of trees. My husband actually went to Home Hardware a few years ago and picked this set of trees out for a Christmas gift exchange. When he brought them home and I laid my eyes on them I couldn’t let them leave. They are so nice on a sofa table or an island.


I always remember my mom putting out her ceramic Christmas tree when we decorated the house for Christmas as kids. I always loved it, I think because the lights were such pretty neon colours and they looked like birds, and probably because we weren’t allowed to touch it. A few years ago they started becoming popular again and they were being sold online for $50-$100 a piece!  I thought my mom had gotten rid of hers, but turns out it was stowed away in her crawl space. I had to buy a few replacement bulbs and a star from Amazon but it’s a staple in our home now every Christmas.


This reindeer treat jar was a new addition splurge this year. I was doing my normal browsing through the seasonal home decor items at our local Home Hardware and these were so cute that I could not resist. I love the simple minimalist look of this treat jar. It’s not quite big enough for cookies, but I just fill it with candies and chocolates. It is made by mud pie.


These rose gold snow flakes are ornaments but I originally saw them set up as place card holders on a holiday dining table display. I love them for both uses and of course I had to get some for myself. This year I have them scattered around to enhance my coffee table decor. I purchased these at J’Adorn last Christmas.

I love decorating my front step almost as I love decorating the inside of the house. My husband usually has the responsibility of yard/outdoor decor with the exception of the front step!

 This year I repurposed our planter/urn we picked up this summer from Valu Mart, and added some winter greenery, an old lantern we have had for ages, and some wintery branches and berry picks I have bought over the years. I also added a 4 foot potted tree to the front step this Christmas that I got on clearance from Canadian Tire for under $30 with an original sticker price of $99.99. It came pre-lit and I added a felt ball garland that I picked up from a wonderful old friend and college roommate who created a home business called Lily Dots (you should check her out on Etsy!). Lastly, I came across this front door mat on Wayfair and thought it would tie in my entranceway perfectly. The little hint of red catches your eye and it is a cute little touch to the decor.

We purchased this pre lit garland from Canadian Tire a few years ago. I would like to change it to a darker green cedar type garland or even magnolia leaves, but for this year,  thought I’d try and spruce it up a bit by adding a Bauble Garland to it. I had purchased the gold vine garland from Terra Nurseries last winter and it adds a nice shimmer to the garland. This year I picked up an assorted box of shatterproof baubles from Walmart and from fishing line and started stringing the ornaments together. I bunched them up around sections of the garland to accent it. I also had a few set aside and I added them to our front entrance light fixture for some extra festive spirit. I am really happy with how it turned out but those bauble garlands use a large amount of ornaments. I likely needed two boxes of 80+ ornaments to cover my whole garland like I originally intended.

Oh Christmas Trees! We are fortunate enough to have two Christmas trees in our home (I prefer the faux version). I purchased this 6.5 foot Foxbrush Pine slim tree from Home Hardware last Christmas to go in our living room and the quality and size are perfect. We went with unlit tree after the fiasco with the last tree (see more on that next). .

I stick with the same colours every year- red and gold, and we mix in some other fun and sentimental ornaments we have collected over the years.

We make it a tradition to get a new ornament every Christmas to commemorate the past year. Some of my favourites have been: one from our Muskokas honeymoon in 2015; a DIY wedding invitation ornament following our wedding in 2015 (so easy to do!), the original key from the first home we bought together (painted and ribbon added); and from last year, “we’re expecting” ornament (Etsy buy). This year I have Margaret Bucher making a hand-lettered bulb for our little guy’s first Christmas.

After moving into our new home in 2015 and finding that our old tree from our previous home (which had 12 foot ceilings) did not fit in our new living room and the fact that the wiring of the built-in lights was doing funny things, we decided to get a new tree. I considered selling the old tree as is, but then I thought, we have this large beautiful basement that we could repurpose the tree in. I thought I could take some wire cutters and take the old lights off, and string some new ones on.

Lesson Learned: This is not a quick nor easy job. Did I also mention that I was pregnant at the time? My husband knew in that moment to just let me go with it. Just in case anyone wants to know, the pre lit trees have the light wires very tightly wrapped around each branch in multiple layers and direction. So if you think you are going to make one little snip and pull a whole stand of lights off you are very, very wrong. What I had intended on being a quick easy job turned into a 3 hour production which my wonderful husband came and helped me with as I was verging a meltdown after the first hour and a half. Luckily, we laugh about it now. We strung some new lights on and this year I updated the theme to white/silver/sparkle. I really looks beautiful and I would probably do it again. Maybe…..

I purchased many of the balls, feathers, and flowers from Canadian Tire’s CANVAS White collection. Since this tree is in the man cave, we have many of the sports/team ornaments tucked in as well for a nice personal touch. I bought the Winter White 7 foot tree felt ball garland from Lily Dots and it ties the tree together perfectly. Tip for the Dot Garland: Follow the instructions and do not space all the balls out first as they will get SUPER tangled and make you upset at your husband. If you space them out as you are wrapping it around the tree, it is so easy and looks beautiful when you are finished.

Now that the decorating is done, its time to get some gifts wrapped and under the tree! I’ll be sharing some of my gift ideas from shopping this year on my next post!

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